Модуль-модем G3-PLC AM540/AS3x00

Модуль-модем G3-PLC AM540/AS3x00 предназначен для передачи данных со счётчиков электроэнергии в силовых сетях. Оснащен последовательным интерфейсом RS-232.
Совместим со счетчиками Alpha Smart AS3x00.

am540-as3x00 (frontal)
скачать лист данных
Производитель:  Honeywell-Elster (Alpha)
Артикул: МШ-0019

4800 грн.

Характеристики и преимущества 
• P0 - local optical communication interface for the installer (optical port of the E-meter).
• P1 - local communication consumer interface - optional;
• P2 - local communication interface for M-Bus meters - optional;
• P3 - G3-PLC communication interface to the data concentrator;
• The AM540 can support a maximum of 5 meters:
  - 1 x E-meter;
  - 4 x M-Bus meters;
NOT all the AM540 variants support the wired M-Bus. In this case, the wired M-Bus module acts as a master and supports the OMS standard.
• 4 LED signals to help the installation procedure.
• Sealable front cover.
• Electrically isolated with optoisolators.
• Firmware updates are supported.
• Firmware is kept in a restricted area of the flash memory.
• During update procedure AM540 always remains addressable.
• Power quality functionality is supported:
  - Undervoltage/overvoltage with a configurable threshold;
  - Number and duration of power outages;
• Load management support - control of up to 2 load control relays (in combination with the AS3000 and AS3500 polyphase meters)
• Event logging with timestamp of the event.
• Design in accordance with:
  - DSMR
  - Dutch Smart Metering Requirements;
  - NTA
  - Dutch Technical Arrangement;
  - OMS
  - Open Metering Standard;
• Supported protocols and standards:
  - IDIS package 2;
  - IEC 60950-1:2005+ A2:2013
  - EN60950-1:2006+ A2:2013
  - IEEE P1901.2
  - ITU G.hnem annex G.9955

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